Mirabel Stuart

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m-small-1Mirabel’s love for acting was first discovered when she was 2 years old as she used to perform nursery rhymes in the bath! At 8 years she then went on to win a regional poetry competition at Bournemouth’s Drama Festivals. As a child Mirabel mainly worked in theatre and it was not until a course in LA where a director discovered her talent for screen, who asked her to star in his short film for Sundance Film Festival.

Offered a scholarship at Theatre of Arts school of acting, Mirabel decided to carry out her degree in French and Hispanic studies at King’s College London having been slightly pushed to do so after achieving straight A*s at GCSE and A’s at A Level. But Mirabel’s passion for acting didn’t disappear as she continued acting during her studies. Her first feature film ‘The Boyfriend’, in which she played the lead, premiered at Vue Cinema, Westfields. She then went on to finish her training at Arts Educational Schools London.
Written by Charlotte Sidwick